People go to college or university for many different reasons, maybe new experiences, career making, or knowledge increase. I think people go to college for personal growing and what society expects.

Firstly, personal grow is often reason for attending higher study. Universities give place for making brain curiosity and social skills better. For example, joining clubs and going to seminars let students to find new things they like and meeting different people, so they see more of the world and make their life rich.

Also, society pressures and expectation can make people decide to study in college. In many places, degree means success and is seen as way to better life. Families and people in community might push much for education, making young people to seek degrees for job chance and money stability.

In conclude, the reasons for going to college or university are many and complicated. Personal growth chance and what society wants makes people want higher study. Whether to look for what they love or to fit what society want, the wish to go to college or university show a person’s wanting and the worth they put on education.